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Gavan Cooper

BA/Law (Hons), Cert IV Workplace Investigations, Cert IV Project Management, Trained Mediator – AIMAA


A former employment lawyer, Gavan is also a trained mediator and workplace investigator. Gavan has held various specialist Employee Relations and HR Consulting roles with nationally and internationally respected organisations including ANZ and The University of Melbourne. Most recently he managed the People, Culture and Strategy function at South West Credit Union while also growing his own successful consulting business supporting predominantly small to medium sized organisations in South West Vic with their HR needs.

In addition to his strong technical expertise in interpreting and applying industrial instruments  and relevant legislation, Gavan has particular expertise in the areas of conflict resolution and mediation, workplace investigations and case management and is particularly passionate about working with managers to improve workplace culture, team dynamics and their people management skills.

0427 973 306


Catriona Hardiman

BCom (HR/Management),
Dip Management, Cert IV Trainer & Assessor, Certified Professional Member Australian Human Resources Institute


A specialist HR professional with 14 years experience across manufacturing, community service and VET industries, Catriona consults to SMEs on a range of HR strategies and is an experienced trainer/assessor specialising in HRM and Management disciplines. Prior to commencing her own successful Human Resource and Business Advisory business, Catriona was Senior HR Manager for an ASX listed regional manufacturing business and prior to this also managed the HR and OD functions of a privately owned community services organisation. As a board member for a local disability employment organisation, Catriona has a strong passion for supporting her local community. 

Catriona consults to SMEs on a large range of HR and people related functions and issues, with particular passions for supporting businesses to achieve their objectives via sound people management and organisational development processes.

0448 971 711


Ed Thomas

BBus (HR/Management), Cert IV Training
and Assessment, Cert IV Government (Investigations)


A specialist Workplace Relations professional with 12 years experience across the public and private sector. Ed has held various roles including Workplace Relations Advisor at the Office of the Employment Advocate
and Workplace Agreements Advisor at the Workplace Authority, with a particular expertise in workplace investigations, interpreting and applying industrial instruments and relevant legislation and conflict resolution. Prior to commencing at Cooper Hardiman, Ed was a Fair Work Inspector at the Fair Work Ombudsman. Ed is also involved in the local sporting community as a board member and volunteers at other clubs and community groups.

Ed consults to SMEs on a wide range of workplace relations issues, with a particular passion for supporting businesses to be compliant, innovative, productive and harmonious workplaces.

0417 331 160

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