Whether it is keeping track of changes to pay rates or provisions in your Modern Award, keeping abreast of changes to the National Employment Standards or being aware of significant developments relating to OH&S or Superannuation – it can be hard to keep up! Have you ever wished someone would just filter out all the irrelevant stuff  and just tell you what you need to know at the time you need to know it? Have you ever wished that you had a local expert who understands your business on standby so that when you do come across something you are not sure of or you need help to implement they can be there?

For a modest quarterly fee, we CAN ensure that you are kept fully informed. Plus, we will ensure you and your managers have access to professional development opportunities and you have a local HR professional who understands your organisation “on tap” when you need them.

Subscribers to our HR Update, Training and Consultancy Service are entitled to the following:

Quarterly e-newsletters:

Four easy to read e-newsletters per annum sent to unlimited managers in your organisation including:

  • Updates to case law impacting your workplace and any changes to employment law related legislation including Occupational Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Laws, the Fair Work Act and State Long Service Leave provisions;
  • Updates on changes to Awards affecting your organisation and advice on implementation, including advice on annual wage increases and allowance changes.
  • Insights into HR trends and best practice approaches via our “HR tips and tactics” column.

Free Limited HR Consultancy: Up to 3 free hours of HR consultancy per quarter to be used in whatever manner best suits your business. (Additional hours charged at usual rates).

PLUS all subscribers are entitled to send employees to attend Free, or significantly discounted, at any of our HR for Manager’s series workshops.

To find out more, or to commence your organisation's tailored HR Update, Consultancy and Training service simply contact us.