Workplace Conflict and a breakdown in working relationships can result in loss of employee engagement, loss of productivity, workplace absenteeism and staff turnover.  We offer a professional and independent mediation service which creates the conditions in which the parties to a dispute can attempt to communicate and resolve their concerns and, in many cases, come to a joint agreement as to how they will improve relations and focus on the future.

Types of disputes we have previously mediated successfully include but are not limited to:

  • Disputes between colleagues over work allocation and respective roles
  • Supervisor/ employee conflict
  • Breakdowns in interpersonal working relationships
  • Resolving complaints of discrimination and bullying where the complainant does not wish to make a formal complaint.

Our fixed price service includes discussion with you prior to commencing the service to ascertain the appropriateness of mediation to resolve the dispute;  assisting in positioning the mediation with staff; contact with both parties prior to the mediation; conduct of the mediation itself (usually 2 to a maximum of 4hours duration) plus assistance to the parties to prepare any written agreement they wish to enter after the mediation. Where appropriate and provided it is not inconsistent with any commitments made in relation to confidentiality, we also provide a comprehensive report to senior management as to any outcomes of the mediation.


When an allegation of bullying, discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate workplace behaviour is made it is critical that your organisation investigates thoroughly and responds appropriately. Our experienced investigators bring their training, years of experience and objectivity to bear in identifying the issues for investigation, interviewing relevant witnesses and providing a comprehensive written report that outlines the allegations, relevant evidence and findings. Where requested, we also separately provide recommendations for improvements in workplace policies or practices to mitigate future risks.

Just some of the circumstances in which our clients find it useful to engage us include:

  • Where there are serious allegations of breach of company policies or procedures such as  bullying, harassment or discrimination claims;
  • Where there are competing versions of events and expertise is required to identify the true state of affairs;
  • Where allegations are made against senior managers or a CEO where there would be a perception of bias if a person employed by the organisation was to conduct the investigation.

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