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Workplace Training

Cooper Hardiman's facilitators have a well-deserved reputation for delivering training that is both engaging and outcome focused. Our programs have been designed by qualified trainers and typically utilise a range of techniques to address different styles of learning including facilitator led discussion, work book based activities, video and multimedia displays and small group role plays.  Our training is always designed with a view to ensuring that your organisation maximises the return on your investment by ensuring the principles and concepts explored can be implemented in the workplace.
We offer tailored in-house training to address a variety of your people management and leadership development needs.We also offer a range of skills workshops open to managers and staff at various locations across Victoria and South Australia.

Consultancy and Case Management Advice

We pride ourselves on providing effective, practical advice that reflects your organisation's unique circumstances.
Our HR professionals can advise you in a broad range of areas, as detailed below. There are few people-related issues that we haven't come across before. However, if we can't assist we'll be only too pleased to point you in the right direction.
  • Drafting and introducing policies, policy reviews and implementation
  • Recruitment processes including advertising, shortlisting and selection
  • Existing HR process review
  • Performance management, including performance review process design and implementation, and support and advice on managing situations of poor performance
  • Unfair dismissals, adverse action, termination and disciplinary matters
  • Leadership development, and development of leadership competency models and success planning structures
  • Remuneration and benefits support and advice, including modern award reviews, salary bench-marking and staff remuneration review processes
  • Support regarding the management of general employee issues, including workplace investigations via qualified investigators
  • Industrial relations support
  • Equal opportunity, bullying and harassment prevention
  • Mentoring support services for existing HR staff, including options for training staff in the nationally recognised Diploma of Human Resource Management qualification (BSB50613)
  • Payroll support services

Mediation Services

Workplace conflict and a breakdown in working relationships can result in loss of employee engagement, loss of productivity, workplace absenteeism and staff turnover. We offer a professional and independent workplace mediation service which creates the conditions in which the parties in a dispute can attempt to communicate and resolve their concerns and, in many cases, come to a joint agreement as to how they will improve relations and focus on the future.
Types of disputes we have previously mediated successfully include but are not limited to:
  • Disputes between colleagues over work allocation and respective roles
  • Supervisor/ employee conflict
  • Breakdowns in interpersonal working relationships
  • Resolving complaints of discrimination and bullying where the complainant does not wish to make a formal complaint.
Our fixed price service includes initial discussion with you to ascertain the appropriateness of mediation to resolve the dispute; assisting in positioning the mediation with staff; contact with both parties prior to the mediation; conduct of the mediation itself (usually up to a maximum of 4 hours duration) andassistance to the parties to prepare any written agreement they wish to enter into  at the completion of the workplace mediation. Where appropriate and provided it is not inconsistent with any commitments made in relation to confidentiality, we also provide a comprehensive report to senior management as to any outcomes of the mediation.

Investigation Services

When an allegation of bullying, discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate workplace behaviour is made it is critical that your organisation investigates thoroughly and responds appropriately. Our experienced investigators bring their training, years of experience and objectivity to bear in identifying the issues for investigation, interviewing relevant witnesses and providing a comprehensive written report that outlines the allegations, relevant evidence and findings. Where requested, we also separately provide recommendations for improvements in workplace policies or practices to mitigate future risks.
Just some of the circumstances in which our clients find it useful to engage us include:
  • Where there are serious allegations of breach of company policies or procedures such as  bullying, harassment or discrimination claims;
  • Where there are competing versions of events and expertise is required to identify the true state of affairs;
  • Where allegations are made against senior managers or a CEO where there would be a perception of bias if a person employed by the organisation was to conduct the investigation.
Click here for a PDF of our Investigation Services

Recruitment Services

Need help recruiting staff? Let's face it, it's a time consuming task, with many different elements. Why not let us do all the running around for you. We can assist with some or all steps in the recruitment process, and our experience will ensure value for money for your organisation. Time invested well in the recruitment process will pay dividends for you and your business in the future. Some of the key areas in which we can assist you include:
  • Development of Position Descriptions and identifying Key Selection Criteria .
  • Determining advertising strategy, drafting and placing job advertisements.
  • Candidate management and shortlisting candidates.
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews.
  • Referee checking and management of unsuccessful candidates.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation, ensuring Award compliance.
  • Probation management.

Executive Coaching

Want to improve your own effectiveness or provide support to a member of your team? We provide one-on-one Executive and Managerial Coaching to support the growth of your Leaders and assist them to identify and then achieve their unique leadership goals.
Most organisations choose to obtain a quote for a pre-agreed number of hours of coaching to allow participants to access coaching when and where they need it.
To learn more, just contact one of the team and we would be pleased to discuss your needs and identify whether Coaching is right for your particular situation.

Quarterly Update Service

Whether it is keeping track of changes to pay rates or provisions in your Modern Award, keeping abreast of changes to the National Employment Standards or being aware of significant developments relating to OH&S or Superannuation – it can be hard to keep up! Have you ever wished someone would just filter out all the irrelevant stuff and just tell you what you need to know at the time you need to know it? Have you ever wished that you had a local expert who understands your business on standby so that when you do come across something you are not sure of or you need help to implement they can be there?
For a modest quarterly fee, we can ensure that you are kept fully informed. Plus, we will ensure you and your managers have access to professional development opportunities and you have a local HR professional who understands your organisation “on tap” when you need them.
Subscribers to our HR Consultancy and Update Service are entitled to the following:
Quarterly e-newsletters:
Four easy to read e-newsletters per annum sent to unlimited managers in your organisation including:
  • Updates to case law impacting your workplace and any changes to employment law related legislation including Occupational Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Laws, the Fair Work Act and State Long Service Leave provisions;
  • Updates on changes to Awards affecting your organisation and advice on implementation, including advice on annual wage increases and allowance changes.
  • Insights into HR trends and best practice approaches via our “HR tips and tactics” column.
HR Consultancy Service:
Up to 3 free hours of HR consultancy per quarter to be used in whatever manner best suits your business. (Additional hours charged at usual rates). Our dedicated team will ensure prompt service to any queries or issues you may have.
You'll be the first to hear about our workplace training programs and we always find space for you in our wide range of public workshop offerings.
To find out more, or to commence your tailored HR Consultancy and Update service, please contact Claire at

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